Loyalty & Rewards

We help you reward and retain your customers, clients and employees.

What we can do for you

We provide digital gift cards, rewards, incentives and offers for:

  • Customer rewards, incentives, engagement and loyalty
  • Employee benefits
  • Corporate gifts and rewards
  • Points schemes
  • Personal gifting
  • Bulk buy gift cards
  • Digital gift card malls
  • Insurance replacement


How we do it

We provide fully trackable digital solutions for gift cards, incentives, benefits and rewards backed up by data.

We call it Rewards as a Service (RAAS).

Rewards Hub

Buy and send digital gift cards in real-time. No integration required. Full data and analytics to show you what has been sent and to whom. User roles can be set up for teams. Great for employee rewards, customer incentives, call centre staff to handle customer complaints and much more.

Reward Sender

Send a choice of rewards to anyone you want to via email e.g customers and or employees. We provide complete analytics around what has been chosen and by whom. We can show you the most popular rewards segmented by multiple data points. All emails can be branded to look as if they came from you.

Rewards API

Do you want to offer rewards in your own software or on behalf of your clients? Simply integrate our easy to use API



We handle all of the rewards fulfillment, complete with analytics and tracking for whatever solution you choose. You will be given your own analytics dashboard. All of our rewards are fulfilled digitally.


  • Global
  • Digital
  • Trackable - complete analytics and performance


Rewards and Incentives

We have partnered with over 150 different digital gift card providers worldwide and can offer pretty much any incentive and denomination you can think of.

We can even offer your own rewards and discounts if you would like us to.

We take full care of fulfillment and everything is tracked and shown in your analytics dashboards.