Send rewards within any app you use

Have you ever wanted to be able to trigger reward sends based on the existing apps you use like Salesforce and Hubspot? Well now you can with our Zapier integration.

Popular Zapier integrations

Hub Spot
Survey Monkey
Sales Force

Send rewards automatically without
the need for developers

Rewards Hub

Configure your reward
campaigns in Rewards Hub

Connect via Zapier

Connect Rewards Hub to an app
of your choosing via Zapier

Reward actions

Reward any action you
can think of

Connect the apps you use every day with rewards

Loyalty Bay and Zapier

Loyalty Bay helps you reward customers or employees with
digital rewards based on any Zapier trigger.

Zapier connects the apps you use everyday with each other and
in this instance with Loyalty Bay in order to send rewards.

Hubspot example

Trigger Hubspot

When I close a new
deal on Hubspot

Send a sales person a reward

Send sales person
a reward from Loyalty Bay

Action Line

Survey Monkey example

Survey Monkey

When a customer completes
a survey on Survey Monkey

Send a customer reward

Send customer a reward
from Loyalty Bay

Action Line 2

How it works

Action Rewards Hub

Create your FREE Rewards Hub account. Create a Reward Campaign and choose the rewards you would like to send. You only pay for the rewards you order.

Trigger Zapier

Head to and connect the Loyalty Bay zap (this automatically hooks into your Reward Campaign as above) with whatever app you would like to integrate rewards in.

Configure Triggers

Configure your triggers as to when a reward should be sent.

Action Line 3

Voila you are done!

"Loyalty Bay's Zapier integration has made it so easy to reward our customers in the apps we use the most. Best of all we can get up and running really quickly without the need for developer resource."

- Professional Academy