Reward Optimizer Tag User Guide


The Loyalty Bay Reward Optimizer tag solution allows you to easily integrate rewards into your website by adding a single javascript tag. You have complete control over which rewards you show, and can turn the rewards on or off at any time.


There are a few basic concepts to understand. A website owner (publisher) can display Loyalty Bay rewards on their website (the publisher website). Their users can select which reward they would like and the publisher can then send the reward to the user. Rewards are available as sets called reward campaigns . You can have different reward campaigns for different parts of your website. Rewards contain all of the assets (e.g. description, reward image etc.) necessary to display the reward to the user.
Reward campaign explanation
Relationship between Loyalty Bay publisher and rewards

How it works

The Reward Optimizer javascript tag should be integrated on all pages on your site. You will have to configure 2 URLs in your reward campaign in order for it to work properly. The first (the Lightbox display URL ), should be the URL of the page where you wish to display the reward choice to your user e.g. a landing page. The second (the Lightbox converson URL ), should be the URL of the page which is at the end of whatever process you are rewarding e.g. a Thank You page.

When the user lands on the page matching your display URL, they will be shown a choice of rewards (see below). Once they choose one, they can carry on through your site as usual. When they hit the page matching the conversion URL, they are either shown a second lightbox (in order to collect their email address), or you can pass their email address directly to the tag (see the Tags integration guide for more details).

Once the user has chosen a reward and the email address has been collected, the reward can be sent. This must be triggered manually. You can do this by clicking 'Send rewards' for a campaign on the home dashboard.

How to get Set up

Step 1 - Create reward campaigns

We can set up your campaigns with the rewards you want. We can also configure lightbox display text, alter the reward email text, and alter many other aspects of the user experience. Get in touch with your account manager via

Step 2 - Integrate Javascript tag

Integrate the tag as instructed (see the Tags integration guide for more details).

Step 3 - Turn on your campaign

Once you've set up your campaign and integrated your tag, your users will be shown the lightbox and can start choosing rewards. You can turn the campaign off from your dashboard whenever you want.

Step 4 - Buy and send Rewards

Once your users have chosen a reward and completed on your website (by hitting the conversion URL that you have configured in the campaign setup), they will need to be sent their reward! You need to make sure you have enough rewards to send (click 'buy rewards' for a campaign on the home dashboard). If you already have enough rewards, you can choose to send them by clicking 'send rewards' for a campaign.

What the user sees

When the user hits the lightbox display URL, the javascript tag fires and the user will be show the lightbox with rewards like this:
Documentation lightbox pre choice

You can alter the messaging shown in the lightbox from your dashboard. When the user chooses a reward, the lightbox shows them a thank-you message and eventually closes itself:

Documentation lightbox post choice

The user then continues on your website. When they hit the lightbox conversion URL, one of 2 things can happen. Either you have set the page up to embed the user's email address in the correct way for the tag to pick it up (see the Tags integration guide for more details). Or if that is not possible, the tag will show a second lightbox as below:

Documentation email lightbox pre enter

The user enters an email address, and if it is valid the lightbox displays a Thank-you message and soon afterwards disappears:

Documentation email lightbox post enter

What happens next?

At this point, the user's reward will be put into a pending state to allow you to manually complete the Reward Send. You can send it by clicking 'send rewards' for a campaign in your dashboard.