Loyalty Bay helps you...
Acquire relevant customers more cost-effectively
Convert customers more quickly
Keep your customers happier for longer, increasing their lifetime value
Our Products
Your rewards portal is a dedicated page, hosted by us, where you can reward your users
Basic version is free
Customize the look and feel of your portal
Choose from a selection of free and paid-for rewards provided by Loyalty Bay and our partners
Offer your own rewards as part of your portal
Rewards Portal demo
Our widget is embedded in your website, and allows users to choose rewards for achieving an action e.g. purchasing a product (watch the BT demo video on the right for more info)
Increase sales, signups and conversions by offering rewards to your customers. We offer a choice of free and paid-for rewards
Acquire more relevant customers by offering your product as a reward in the widget on other people's websites
Easily set up campaigns to offer your product as a reward
Analytics dashboard to show you what works and what doesn't
Simple integration and setup (< 5 mins)
Widget demo
Included with all our products
Identify the best/worst performing rewards based on your website conversions
Drill down into demographics of rewards chosen on your site e.g. what are women choosing? Which is the most popular reward for Facebook traffic?
Find out on on which websites your rewards perform best in acquiring relevant traffic for you
Use actionable data to discover what makes your customers tick and optimise your rewards campaigns
Analytics dashboard
BT demo widget screenshot
Example Rewards
Meet the Team
Will Roberts CEO
Will Roberts
Dr. Alex Farquhar CTO
Dr. Alex Farquhar
Lewis Wheeler Head of Partnerships
Lewis Wheeler
Head of Partnerships
Loyalty Bay is backed by Forward Internet Group, along with a group of business angels.
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